March 2003

Signs of Spring

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Lots of crocuses up now, including a few of the larger Dutch crocus Heard peepers on Thursday My husband heard a kildeer and saw a swallow Geese have been flying north for a while now Saw my first dandelion, and my first Johnny-jump-up "Snow will develop between 6 am and 8 am Sunday...And could become [...]

Pear & Cherry notes

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I look at lists of pears in old catalogs or encyclopedias and feel faint with longing. The book 'Pomona's Harvest' will curl your hair with what's been lost. Still, there are lots available and one variety I am intrigued with

More from the Northland

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I visited Bachman's once--the store was bigger than my hometown! When I worked at a nursery in Grand Forks ND, we kept an extensive library of all the handouts from the Minnesota and ND Extension services and the U of M. They were always a resource to us and we gave them to our customers. [...]

Google does it again

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I just discovered this . . . Google is scanning mail order catalogs and making them available for the general public, including a whole bunch of gardening catalogs! The selection is good--I've seen many catalogs just clicking through the website briefly that I haven't heard of before and want to check out. Not only that, [...]


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Where has this little gem been all my gardening life? Bachman's is a florist and nursery in Minnesota. They have created a whole slew of caresheets on just about every gardening topic imaginable, aimed at helping the Minnesotan gardener succeed. Since all of MN is hardiness zone 4 or colder, any cold climate gardener should [...]


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The snowdrops in the Secret Garden are all blooming now, the same ones I tried to will out of the ground earlier. These are my most rapidly increasing snowdrops. I got them from a friend who found them growing in a field near her house. Presumably there was once a house and garden where she [...]