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Those of you in the Rochester, NY area should check out Upstate Gardeners’ Journal, if you’re not already familiar with it. Now, Rochester is not what I would consider a cold climate; they’ve got Lake Ontario moderating their winter temperatures. But as a resident of upstate New York myself, I heartily support a magazine that covers our diverse and beautiful region. So many people seem to think all of New York state is New York City. NOT! And if Maine can have People, Places, and Plants, which no longer covers Maine exclusively, why can’t upstate New Yorkers have a gardening magazine of their own? So I plan on doing everything I can to give this magazine a larger audience, which, hopefully, will lead to a more extensive coverage of upstate NY.

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Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. She would be delighted to speak to your group about colchicums or other gardening topics. Kathy’s been writing since 4th grade, gardening since high school, and blogging since 2002.

In the end, this may be the most important thing about frost: Frost slows us down. In spring, it tempers our eagerness. In fall, it brings closure and rest. In our gotta-go world–where every nanosecond seems to count–slowness can be a great gift. So rather than see Jack Frost as an adversary, you could choose to greet him as a friend.

~Philip Harnden in A Gardener’s Guide to Frost: Outwit the Weather and Extend the Spring and Fall Seasons

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Anne Stonehocker September 16, 2003, 8:27 am

I love hardy geraniums – think they are one of the most reliable perennials for our area – but I can’t have everyone. I would love to know any gardeners’ favorites and comments. ‘Rozanne’ is absolutely best – my favorite this year, also ‘Joly Bee’ which looks and acts the same to me. I am still fond of the pale pink ‘Lancastriense’. Both of these geraniums keep on blooming – especially ‘Rozanne’, a sprawler and a wanderer but not a thug. ‘Brookside’ has performed well for me – blooming early summer and now repeat blooming for several weeks – much better than ‘Johnson’s Blue’ but it doesn’t have its lovely foliage – but I hope will mound in the future. ‘Ann Follkard’ a magenta with attractive chartreuse foliage is still blooming. Any comments? There are so many, and new ones arriving next year.

Also Roses – another genus with such a choice – but which have performed best in our area. I like ‘Knock-Out’, a lovley red, for a shrub, and ‘Zepherine Drouhin’ a pink for a climber which will take some shade. ‘Abraham Darby’, an English rose. I was told to cut back the English roses, in fact they enjoy it, when they flop. I have also had success with the ‘Meidiland’ for color in the garden. I am looking for hybrid tea or grandifloras – or something suitable for picking which is pest/disease resistant.

Looking forward to hearing from UGJ gardeners – Anne Stonehocker