November 2002

Decoy weather: Unseasonably mild

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Decoy weather--an apt term. Somehow, once October is over, it's hard to call it Indian Summer anymore. I have noticed around here that we consistently have one day in the first week of November that is warm and sunny. I always give the kids the day off from school then and have a general clean [...]

Glitter and glory

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18 degrees at 6am; back to cold weather again after a couple of weeks of decoy weather--days into the 50's & even 60! The frost was so beautiful at sunrise this morning (9:10 am because of Black Mountain & Katka peak) that I was mesmerised. It was land of glitter & glory: prismatic rainbows and [...]

Trail creation continues

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In my post of October 31st, I told you how Rundy started clearing a path through the Secret Garden and the woods. Since then he leveled some areas of the path with a mattock, chain-sawed some trees that were in the way (including a huge dead pine that had toppled across a path since the [...]

Edward Hamilton: Good gardening books, cheap

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One of my favorite places to buy gardening books is Edward Hamilton. They do sell some new books, but most of them are remainders and closeouts. No problem when it comes to gardening books, as they don't go out of date that fast and the good ones always bear re-reading. I hate buying books blind, [...]